I figured, with the time and money it takes to design and print business cards, I might as well build an app for it. And then, I set out on perpetual path of "oh, if I just add this feature"... Here are the one's that made the cut:

Email-based Social Card
Design a profile with your look and information, then email it to people you meet.
Add People & See Who Added You
Aqua helps keep context by logging the date, time, and message for both parties.
Relationship Manager
You can add private notes and reminders for all of your acquaintances.
Profile Themes
Over 10 themes available for you to show your style. If you don't like any, let me know.
Reverse Mode
A simple interface designed to let your aquaintance type in their name and email for you.
Message Templates
Cut down on typing with reusable templates.
Works Offline
If your phone doesn't have a good connection, you can use Aqua offline and sync it when you're back online.
Privacy First
Your data will always be private-by-default, and it's never sold to third parties.
Try it out and let me know what you think.

- Aquaman
[email protected]

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